A new initiative from cdw+partners with a mission to help retailers better connect with their customers.
The knowledge bank is different. We’ve brought together a talented collective of senior retailers, strategists and retail consultants experienced in initiating and delivering profitable change. We are here to help businesses engage fully with their customers to optimise the brand experience and maximise commercial returns.

With the clarity to view business from a consumer perspective we offer un-paralleled expertise covering:


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Consumer markets are changing. Today shoppers expect to browse and buy on their terms.
With the customer firmly in control, brands need to continually evolve the customer experience to stay relevant. These are truly exciting times for retailers with the opportunity to energize their customer customer experience, but brand owners need to release their creativity and look beyond the status quo to shape a customer experience that is relevant and fit for purpose.

This is where the Knowledge Bank comes in.


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An experienced and multi-disciplinary team, we have a track record in quickly identifying the issues for change. We establish a solid foundation from which to transform the customer experience.
We inject and maintain momentum to keep senior teams on-board working at the pace of retail.
We use our network of experts to build the right team for every challenge.

Clients welcome the chance to access additional resource, external expertise and the experience we offer.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you create your own defendable territory
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