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Avicenna Pharmacy

Avicenna is the largest independent pharmacy buying group in the UK. They commissioned cdw+partners to develop a new pharmacy brand for their growing chain of Avicenna owned pharmacies. Initially run as a family of independents it had no high-street branded retail presence and no structure for communicating its values and offer.

Owned entirely by its members, Avicenna provide buying power and support to over 1000 independent pharmacists.

Our brief was to develop a cohesive brand identity and retail platform that would unify the corporate and retail brands and help engage with the Avicenna customer across all touch points. This included a comprehensive visual language, colour palette, internal and external communications and brand guidelines manual.

The new unified identities ultimately represent the coming together of two parties, whether that be Avicenna and its members, their patients or suppliers.

The new Avicenna Pharmacy identity gives the brand a single and consistent personality and tone of voice and establishes their core values of patient centred care. The brand has been rolled out across twenty plus store in the South of England.

Avicenna CEO Salim Jetha commented, ‘This is what Avicenna has always been about, working together for a brighter outcome for all.’

Avicenna Pharmacy brand Master Brand

Avicenna Pharmacy Brand branded van and bus shelter