Our Work


We’re delighted to announce the next stage in the revitalisation of Thorntons, a much loved British brand.

Over the last two years we have been working with Thorntons and their owners Ferrero to define and deliver their future retail proposition.

Thorntons remains a much loved British institution with a rich and unique heritage as a destination for indulgent treats and considered gifts. However, its relationship with the big grocers, the growth of other high end confectioners and the increasing sophistication of the customer palate has led to the brand feeling less relevant to consumers.

Our proposals set about re-establishing Thorntons’ authority within the sector. Re-engaging with current and past customers as well as attracting an entirely new following. The aim, to bring the business into the Instagram age through unique and exciting store experiences, incorporating in-store chocolate makers, tasting sessions, demonstrations and the best hot chocolate in town.

It is a celebration of the excitement and joy that chocolate brings and a genuine expression of the brand as a symbol of appreciation for loved ones.

Thorntons retail design Café format indulgence

Thorntons retail design concept Café format